About Us

The ezFix Ball Mark Repair Tool is a product of eSwing Golf Technologies, LLC, based in Seattle, WA (www.eSwingGolf.com). 

eSwing's primary business is design, development, production and distribution of one of the most affordable electronic golf swing analysis system in the world that offers integrated analysis equipment (both swing analysis and ball flight analysis), cloud-based real-time software, accurate ball flight trajectory with actual or selected weather conditions affecting ball flight, and amazing metrics and analytics to allow golfers of any skill level to play better golf.

eSwing players’ shot data records are saved in a secure database for 24x7 access, replay and analytics.  eSwing is soon introducing virtual golf, cyber instruction, online competitions and gaming, and other social interaction and entertainment opportunities that will grow the game of golf in the U.S. and around the world.  On a personal level, eSwing will generate reports and metrics on demand for an eSwing player to better understand his or her own game and measure progress toward meeting player generated improvement goals.